Fitness & Wellness Systems


Playworld Preferred is promoting healthier lifestyles and communities with our ENERGI line of fitness stations for ages 9+ and LifeTrail Advanced Wellness Stations for active older adults.These fitness systems have the flexibility to be installed along a walking path or can be consolidated in a single fitness area.


  • A complete fitness system for ages 13 and up
  • Fat-burning workouts that works nearly 600 muscles
  • Includes in-depth programming guide with lesson plans

Photo - ENERGI Prime Full System


  • A complete fitness system for ages 9 – 14
  • Stations hold up to 28 kids and offer 84 different exercises
  • Provides lesson plans for teachers and coaches for middle school PE

Playworld Indoor Shoot Lewisburg January 2011

LifeTrail Advanced

  • Fitness system for active, older adults
  • Low impact fitness programs to help maintain an independent healthy lifestyle
  • Outdoor system helps adults stay fit and prevent injury

Photo - LifeTrail