5 Ways to Fit a Playground in a Small Space

It’s hard trying to fit your big dreams for a playground in the little area you have. Maybe it’s a small lot or an area that kids can barely run around in. Luckily, there are solutions that will make your area the most talked about on the block:

Freestanding Pieces

There are numerous freestanding pieces that can be used together to optimize your space. There are freestanding pieces of different shapes and sizes that provide hours of play time for all ages. Not to mention there are increasingly more products with electronic devices to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends.

Incorporate Landscape

You want to appreciate the beauty of nature. And don’t want to distract children from the great outdoors. Incorporating the landscape would be the best option for your playground. Whether you decide on giant climbing boulders or a nature slide, children will make the most of playing outside.

Compact Structure

Traditional playground structures are always a safe go-to. Luckily there are many predesigned structures that are meant to be in a small space. Why not take advantage of these pieces during your busy schedule?

Custom pour in place rubber

Pour in place rubber can be crafted into a variety of designs. But it can be more than an aesthetic safety surface. You could include a four square board or a hopscotch design in the rubber so kids can play all year. Imagine the savings on equipment!

Custom Design

If you have enormous ideas for your small space, create a custom design. If you want a compact structure plus pour in place rubber, go for it. The only thing limiting you is your imagination. These are just a few possibilities to make the most of your space. It’s possible. You can do it. And the children will thank you. Contact us to start designing your dream playground today!